Instructional Frameworks/Standards Based Classroom

How much time is needed to implement the instructional frameworks in a high school classroom? Does a 51 minute class period provide enough time to complete the entire process? After I review the process, I will let you be the judge.

*3 to 5 minutes-Bell-ringer activity
-Take roll and complete other housekeeping tasks
-5 additional minutes to review the activity with the class
-Some bell-ringer activities could take longer to review depending on the strategy used
-if used as a strategy to review or preview skills or concepts, more time will be needed

*10 to 15 minutes-Opening session
-Review agenda for the class
-Review Standards and Essential Questions
-Link the learning to student interests
-Link the learning to the real world
-Hook/engage the students interest to learn the new material (skill and/or concept)
-Model and/or review the new skill and/or concept with the whole class

*30 minute Work Session
-Teacher becomes the facilitator as students demonstrate the new skill and/or concept
-Move back and forth from whole group instruction based on individual assessments
-Integrate technology
-Students work in pairs or groups
-Differentiated instruction (accelerate and remediate as needed)
-Assess student progress and provide feedback

*5 to 10 minutes-Summarizing strategies
-Students summarize what they learned verbally or in writing
-Teacher summarizes the learning

*I would also note that literacy instruction is a critical component or is embedded across the curriculum in the Common Core Standards. Students must have time to read and write in every class and teachers need time to provide feedback.

*Instructional transitions are not listed but have to be accounted for when totaling the time for the period. Because this varies by teacher, it would be difficult to average a time for transitions.

*Interruptions such as inappropriate student behaviors are also not mentioned but is a reality for teachers. Some days are better than others!

I’m sure I left off some tasks or procedures our teachers are expected to do every day in every class. However, I think you get the point. Teachers are the true miracle workers and we need them to be successful. The future of our country depends on it!

1 thought on “Instructional Frameworks/Standards Based Classroom

  1. I was fortunate to have started teaching in a system that really encouraged classroom organization under the influence of Harry Wong. I instituted many of the ideas from the Wong tapes from the beginning of my career in teaching. I truly believe that an organized classroom with a routine and being consistent utilizing a working lesson plan is the key to “real” learning taking place, fewer discipline problems, and my students joy in coming to class. I have tried to be a sponge and soak up info to improve my classroom from the changes and expectations of the educational system over the years. Sometimes the changes are easy and sometimes they really take the wind out of your sails! At the end of the day what I think most important is that my students have taken something home with them that they will use in life. I sincerely believe in modeling consistency, organization, and planning. Students need and want these characteristics in a classroom even though they would never admit it! Smile : ) . Bottom line…the above info is priceless!

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