How Important is buy-in to the Members of an Organization?

Teachers Collaborating

How important is it for the members of a team to have buy-in to plans, directions, policies or procedures established by leaders? Is having buy-in necessary to motivate the engagement of team members? Some would argue its not needed while others believe the opposite to be true. I believe buy-in is closely related to members of a team needing to see the vision or the final destination verses those who simply want to know our first stop on the journey. As an experienced leader, I am still learning situations that need the big picture painted or final destination verses the next step. I believe buy-in is more about the process used to plan details of the trip such as: how will we get there, who will drive, what direction will we travel, where/what is our final destination. I think you get the idea!

Buy-in is necessary as the process used so all members of a team have a voice. A voice to determine the how, who, what and where for the trip or journey the organization is taking. One might say buy-in equals ownership. All know or realize leaders have to make decisions every day without input or explanation but team members want to have input for big decisions or as much as possible. As educators, we all believe there is strength in the TEAM approach or concept. Working together always makes us or any team stronger. When the team is strong, the organization has a greater chance to meet set goals. Our goal is for all students to leave us prepared-to become Productive Citizens!

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion.

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