Leadership Principles to Live By

I had a doctoral class professor share some advise I have never forgotten. Unfortunately I do not remember his name but do remember what he told us. He told us to live by three rules and we will all have very successful careers and lives.

The first rule is to make sure to stay healthy. Obviously we all know why good health is important. Unfortunately most of us take this for granted-including me. I keep saying I am going to start walking daily and eating right. As a high school principal, I need exercise to help manage stress and keep my mind sharp. Eating right will also help keep my body healthy. As much sickness passed back and forth in schools, good health prevents illnesses as well.

The second is keep personal finances in order and stay out of debt. If we live within our means, financial freedom can be a reality. Financial problems can also lead to personal stress and relationship problems with your spouse.

The third is to stick to your morals and beliefs no matter what. If working in a position constantly challenges your morals or the job does not align with your beliefs, at some point the only choice is to walk away. When the time arrives to make this very important decision, having good health and no debt will help make the decision much easier. It is biblical for Christians to submit to authority. Whether its the President, Governor, Mayor or even your boss, God commands us to submit to their authority. If their leadership practices or actions are not moral and/or against your beliefs, speak up and take a stand through civil means. As previously mentioned, if this is happening on the job, the last option is to walk away and find another job.

My hope is for all to have a great job with leaders using sound morals and beliefs in decision making. To all leaders in every state and at our nations capital, we are praying for you!

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