The Politics of Dancing

File:Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing cov1983.jpg

As I reflect on my work as a high school principal, I am constantly reminded of the political auspices of my job. Unfortunately I am not a politician with the gift of gab spewing feel good information and making sure everyone knows I am the center of the universe. I am quite the opposite!

Today we must consider the political ramifications of decisions we make every day in order to avoid one of those land mines. When we do hit one, we have to check battle damage to see if we will survive. Some times we do and some times we don’t. As educators, we sometimes have wounds that do not heal so we must move to another location to fight another day. (All figuratively speaking)

This title song-The Politics of Dancing came to mind describing education today. Have things changed so much that there is politics involved with dancing now? Instead of simply working to make the best decisions to help all students meet goals is not enough in education. We have to consider the ramifications of just about every decision. Hence, The Politics of Dancing! Dancing used to be all about freedom of expression and fun. I’m sure its still the same. So why can’t the world of education leave the politics out of the equation? If we all work together, we can all contribute to ensure every student receives a quality education and leave high school college and career ready.

The link to the video is listed below. Enjoy!


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