My Passion is My Motivation

In a world with information coming at us from so many angles and all biased, how do we teach our students to analyze and recognize the truth when they see and hear it. This has become a challenge for educators over the years and more challenging as of late but worth the fight! My passion as an educator is to equip students with the necessary skills to sort through information to determine the truth for themselves.

As a principal, I challenge students to always seek the truth and know when to recognize it when they see and hear it. I challenge them not to believe everything they hear on television, read on the internet or on social media. To always review the information source and verify through cross checks from other sources. A good example why this is so important can be found watching television news channels. MSNBC presents the news from a liberal or left point of view while Fox News is a more right leaning news source. Why can’t all news outlets report the facts and let the viewers decide what to believe?

What is the truth? The media doesn’t help educators very much now that they promote a point of view instead of reporting the facts. Politicians use their power and influence to help themselves or special interest groups. Famous people such as actors and professional athletes use their influence to promote their own personal/special interests. Young people look up to most of these people thus are highly influenced by what they say and do (numerous politicians, athletes and actors are positive role models however the media does not promote their efforts). With the breakdown of the family unit, these influences are greater than ever sending mixed messages to our young people. Educators are working hard and are up against these negative influences to provide guidance to seek and find the truth in this world. Once our young people have the truth, they can decide for themselves what they will believe. Once accomplished, they can live their lives accordingly.

“You Can’t Handle the Truth!”


Col. Nathan Jessup

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