What is the Plan When Students Struggle?

What is the formal documented plan to help students when they struggle at your school? Does everyone at the school know about the plan? We are working on our plan and know this step is very important for our students success. Since the leadership teams at schools consist of staff across all segments of the school, it only makes sense the plan would originate with this professional learning community and/or team (with input from the rest of the team of course). Once we are finished creating our plan, we will share the process and procedures with the staff, students and parents.


Our Math Teachers voluntarily give up their lunch time working with students. The Assistant Principal and I manage students during our three lunches so teachers can have a duty-free lunch. I am proud to say our teachers give up their lunch time to help students and they do this almost every day. When this is not enough time or enough help, students stay after school for help. I’m sure our other teachers are willing to help (some do for certain student needs) students during lunch but how do you cover the “Monroe Doctrine” in 20 minutes? Needless to say tutoring students in math is a lot different from tutoring in Social Studies or the other disciplines. ¬†Each department must determine how students will be helped based on different student learning scenarios. Who and when will also have to be determined as part of the plan. My role is making sure barriers are removed and to provide support the teachers need as they create the plan to help the students. Another role would be communicating the plan to make sure all know about it.

Everything mentioned is aimed to help students successfully pass all courses. If we work hard to support students along the way, safety nets such as credit repair and credit recovery would not be needed as much.

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