Classroom Protocols and Procedures

Why is it important to track student tardies and take attendance? Do you know someone who never gets to an appointment on time or simply doesn’t show up? We all do! These people are usually not organized or do not value being timely.

Schools have been tasked to teach students the importance of getting to school and class on time and attend school regularly. How will a student hold down a job if they can’t get there on time and/or is absent frequently? It really depends on the job but many require punctuality or production suffers. If a manager needs a punctual employee, they will obviously fire a worker for constantly being late and/or taking days off.

Late_Student_Running_To_School_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100301-155724-584042 (1)

With accountability still looming today, schools are still held accountable for maintaining good attendance. In Georgia, the College Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) is used to “grade” schools on a 100 point scale. One of the 19 indicators schools are rated is attendance. Since schools in Georgia are rated across a spectrum of indicators, attendance is not a high priority as it was in previous years of accountability measures. However many will argue that attendance has a direct correlation to learning. To simply put it, how can a student learn if they hardly ever show up? Fortunately in Forsyth County Schools teachers post assignments on a digital platform called Itslearning. Students can access assignments and communicate with teachers 24/7. School systems without this type of learning platform do not have this luxury or students miss out when not at school.

Creating and maintaining positive relationships with students and using engaging lessons will create a warm learning environment. An environment students will not want to miss! Students are hardly ever absent from teachers classrooms where these two strategies are the norm.

In fun, I created a short video called Classroom Protocols and Procedures. I hope you enjoy it!



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