Leadership Starts From Within

Do you know who you are? Have you forgotten who you are or what keeps you focused and/or motivated? Do you doubt your leadership? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are not alone! As a school leader (assistant principal 5 years-principal 10 years), self-confidence is crucial for leaders to posses and maintain. Self-doubt will keep you from being effective depending how this is revealed on a daily basis or fatal (to your job) depending on its severity. Don’t let these fears or doubt control you! Let it go and take charge again!

Don’t be a quitter like George!!!


Definition of “doubt”

  1. 1a :  uncertainty of belief or opinion that often interferes with decision-making :  a deliberate suspension of judgment.

  2. 2:  a state of affairs giving rise to uncertainty, hesitation, or suspense <the outcome is still in doubt>.


As my educational leadership journey has trudged along with many twists and turns the last 20 plus years, one thing was apparently missing the last few years…….. BELIEVING IN MYSELF! I began to doubt myself after years of political back stabbing. In reviewing my resume, one might think I enjoyed moving around or changing jobs frequently. With a family, frequent moving is not a good thing!! Others might believe this guy has to be an ineffective leader. As a former self-doubter, the past was and is just that…..the past. I learned a great deal from each position and worked with many gifted educators at each school. I can honestly say I worked hard every day, maintained my integrity and made decisions in the best interest of students. When making decisions, the students and faculty had a voice. If your thinking I must have been a dictator style leader, I was the opposite! I treat people with respect and believe everyone should have a voice at the table. My philosophy: when all ideas are brought to the table and heard, the best decision can be made. The students win when schools function as a TEAM!

If you are a doubter or lack confidence, I recommend doing the following:

Find someone to confide in frequently. Share your thoughts and ideas with a trusted colleague and soliciting their feedback as needed. Coaching from a colleague will help build your confidence. Do you reflect? As you confide with a colleague, reflect your practices, actions and motives when interacting with others.

self confidence

I also recommend taking care of yourself no matter what that means to your current status. Self-confidence starts with each of us and how we approach our lives. Since relationships is everything, not having self-confidence will impact how we interact with others. Make sure relationships at home are thriving. Spend quality time with your family!

Are you over weight or simply out of shape? Don’t put off exercising…….Do it! Exercising will sharpen your mind. Are you eating right? Don’t dream or simply think about it………do it!

Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally will help build your self-confidence. When interacting with colleagues, everyone will notice the confidence and want to follow a leader with their act together. Is this you?


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